Take Advantage of The Florida Teacher Shortage

Florida teacher shortageAn article published in the Sun Sentinel in Florida last week focused on the Florida teacher shortage. The writer, Leslie Postal, starts the article by stating she saw a billboard near the University of Central Florida campus that read, “Become a Hero,” it reads. “Teachers Needed.”

And the numbers don’t lie – Palm Beach County needs to hire 1,500 teachers this year. They got 40. Escambia County in the panhandle needed 300 new teachers. They filled 50 openings. Orange County in central Florida has 10,000 new incoming students and needs to hire – at least – 80 new teachers this coming year alone. The Florida teacher shortage is serious!

Florida teacher shortage: These are facts, not projections.

Seminole County tried luring former teachers from their cozy retirements; the Osceola school district announced it will offer scholarships to education majors. Now, will these fill the teaching void? Perhaps, but to what end? Putting a warm body in the classroom?

It’s the same story in Marion, Alachua and Levy counties, too – all facing shortages.

How teachers look for employment, and just as importantly, how districts hire teachers should not stem from desperation, but rather, from selection.

That’s what Finders-Teachers has the ability to accomplish:

It may be that Florida has a teaching shortage, but other parts of the country do not. It makes no sense to wait on job fairs and to post billboards begging that someone – anyone – applies for the job. After all, do professional sports teams take the first athlete who comes along? Of course not, they do the research, assess their needs and then make a selection. The process should be no different when making a decision as consequential as hiring a teacher.

Given the dire need for teachers facing Florida school districts they cannot waste time with outdated and wasteful ways of hiring. Finders-Teachers was created to allow districts – and teachers – to make the right choice, right away. The Florida teacher shortage is serious but other parts of the country are booming. It’s time to log on, enter your criteria and get the right teacher for the right job.

Desperate times do not call for desperate measures – they call for Finders-Teachers.