Recent University Grads Utilizing Finders-Teachers

University GradsThis week Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale took the first step towards placing their education graduates in the classroom by utilizing Finders-Teachers! Nova Southeastern decided to upload Finders-Teachers to their online career resources page so teachers can create a profile, show off their achievements and get to work – fast.

Also this week, Finders-Teachers will be attending the Education Expo at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ to encourage their graduates to create profiles – for free – to get a head start on being placed in a classroom.

When districts – like many in Florida and communities throughout the Midwest – are still using billboards and newspaper ads to hire teachers, Finders-Teachers is bringing the technological edge to teacher hiring. Fact is, while these antiquated methods of hiring eventually bring teacher and classroom together, there is no guarantee it’s the right match. It usually just results in putting someone in the classroom until that person finds what they really want.

Short term solutions like this are just that – short. Eventually, the dreaded and time-consuming hiring cycle begins once more.

Well, what if teachers and districts can find what they wanted right away?

That’s what Finders-Teachers is intended to do. Teachers market themselves online and districts use a system of filters to find the teacher – or teachers – who meet their needs. It’s a fast, convenient and easy way to find a teacher with “staying power.”

Districts have enough worries without having to sort through hundreds of resumes with the hope of finding someone to fill an open position. Using filters to search out the most qualified teacher is common sense, and since most teachers usually teach in close proximity to their alma mater the biggest challenge is usually the easiest one to solve – in this case, finding them.

After all, it’s easier to pick an apple from the barrel than waiting for it to fall from the tree.

If you’d like Finders-Teachers to attend a career symposium for your education graduates, please let us know by emailing us at We can’t wait to help!