School District of Philadelphia hires firm to run teacher prep program

School District of PhiladelphiaThis week, the School District of Philadelphia hired a company to run a teacher prep program over protests. The program is very well-intentioned – its goal is to get more teachers in the classroom, but Finders-Teachers is the easier way to find available and qualified teachers anxious to start their careers – now.

The School District of Philadelphia gave the $150,000 contract to Relay Graduate School of Education, and while they’re approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to certify new teachers through a “residency program,” why should Philadelphia school students – or fellow teachers – wait for the benefit of this program to kick in? Superintendent Hite and his staff can visit our site, enter the qualifications they need in a new teacher – and voila – a list of teachers ready to work appears!

School District of Philadelphia could save money with Finders-Teachers

Yes, the district has other criteria that guided their decision to utilize Relay, but all of those could likewise be achieved using Finders-Teachers. It’s free for districts plus, the ability to review a candidate’s profile and then interview that candidate online would give any administrator in the district all information – tangible or not – they need to make the right hiring choice.

Education is an industry that must be on the cutting edge of learning, resources – and yes – technology. That’s where Finders-Teachers can help. We recently visited Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ and registered 10% of their education graduates – and we’re not stopping there. With support from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Cairn University in Langhorne, Arcadia University in Glenside, participation in the upcoming virtual teacher job expo at the University of Buffalo and our partnership with over 20 colleges and universities nationwide via the recruitment website Handshake, we’re getting the teachers on board. They’re qualified, certified and eager to start their careers.

So, when districts – like the School District of Philadelphia, this case – need teachers in place well-intentioned but time-consuming programs like Relay can be bypassed to find teachers. Whether that candidate is coming from across town or across the country, it’s easier than you might think to find the available and qualified teacher to fill the empty classroom.