Penn State Education Fair

Penn State Education FairOn Monday we attended Penn State Education Fair. It was an awesome turnout, with hundreds of teachers walking the room in search of their first job – all with resumes, high hopes and dressed to perfection.

Employer Turnout at Penn State Education Fair

The employer turnout was impressive, too. Representatives from public schools, charter schools, private tutoring firms were all there looking for their next new hires. Employers came from Pennsylvania, of course but so too were administrators from schools in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and even Texas – all in search of new teachers.

Finders Teachers Success at the Penn State Education Fair

We’re happy to report – or brag (ahem) – that we signed up close to 200 new teachers! As the “new kid on the block” when it comes to helping teachers find jobs we’re still making a name for ourself, but once teachers found us and learned how we operated, there was a line at the table to create a profile – no lie! And why not? It took an average of 90 seconds to create a free profile.

We also hit it off with various administrators who were at the fair as well. So far, districts in 3 states have created accounts on Finders Teachers.

While job fairs have been a mainstay when it comes to bringing teachers and district together, they still take time, effort and money. Many administrators we met at the fair with loved the concept behind Finders Teachers.

Why Administrators at the Penn State Education Fair Loved Us

Because all school districts are watching their bottom lines. It’s imperative administrators attend career fairs that offer the most graduating education majors, and just as importantly, the fairs that give them the best chance of actually hiring a teacher. However, there is a risk – namely that a school walks away empty-handed. Given the cost some districts spend to attend these events – especially if traveling from across the country – sometimes that risk is too great.

And that’s where Finders Teachers comes in. We’re here to help teachers find jobs, but also to let administrators know by using our site to search for new hires they’ll get a guaranteed, manageable number of applicants to consider. Then, when the time comes to travel for an interview, everyone walks away knowing their travel funds have been well-spent.

Each day, our online talent pool gets deeper – and that’s something to be excited about, whether you’re a teacher or the person who hires them.

See you at the next Penn State Education Fair