Philadelphia School District Ordered to Hire More Teachers


Philadelphia City Controller to District: Hire More Teachers, or Risk Losing Funding

In an article last week, Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz, sounded an alarm when he said that the city is in danger of losing federal funding for its public schools. Why?

Not enough teachers.

Mr. Butkovitz’s office randomly audited 23 public schools to ensure proper staffing and 17 of those schools failed. That jeopardizes the city’s Title I funding. Even though Philadelphia has launched an all-out media blitz to hire new teachers, they are still coming up short. This week, we plan on contacting the district to make sure they know about Finders Teachers and understand we’re another tool for use in their hiring arsenal. So far, we have close to 200 teachers in the Greater Philadelphia area actively looking for work.

“The School District of Philadelphia is committed to making every effort to fill vacant positions, especially when the positions are essential to meeting the needs of our students,” said Lee Whack, a district spokesman.

Hey, that’s awesome.

Now, combine Finders Teachers with incentives the district is offering – like picking up the cost for administrative clearances and mandatory physicals for new teachers earning under $40,000 – and it’s another resource the District can use. When a crisis looms, why not use everything to address it?

Plus, Finders Teachers is the easier way to solve a teacher shortage. Already the School District of Philadelphia has received 277 applications, and that’s a good start, but now comes the tedious part – sorting through all those resumes to find the right, qualified applicant. No district, no matter how strapped for teachers, is going to hire just anyone who sends along a resume. They need to hire the right teacher with the rights skills.

Enter Finders Teachers.

Administrators can search our pool of applicants by grade, subject, degree earned – you name it, so the School District of Philadelphia – or any district nationwide – can find the teachers who meet their needs quickly.

Fast, Easy Convenient.

Don’t worry, Philadelphia. We’re in this together.

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