Bayonne Public Schools to lay off 300

bayonne public schoolsThis past week, Bayonne Public Schools announced they were laying off 300 district employees, 261 of whom were energetic and passionate teachers who happened to not have tenure.

This was unbelievable and sad news.

Any public entity will always have to watch their bottom line, but to do so at the expense of hundreds teachers is a truly reckless act. Not only does it have an adverse impact on the students in Bayonne Public Schools, but you also have hundreds of teachers who, come June, will need to find some other way of paying their bills.

It was bad news all around.

Finders Teachers Offers Free Help for Laid-Off Teachers

Upon learning of what happened, Finders Teachers reached out to the Bayonne Teachers Association, the Hudson County (NJ) Education Association and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) and offered any teacher who would benefit from our site a free profile.

Since we launched 2 months ago, we’ve had over 200 users from 7 states create profiles to find their next job. Our colleagues in Bayonne are no less qualified than anyone else, and to help them transition to another classroom in their time of crisis is the right thing to do. Period.

Since Friday, several Bayonne Public Schools teachers have created a profile and now that the “hiring season” for educators has begun it’s our hope they can find a new position right away.

Besides being able to post a resume, qualifications, extra-curriculars, coaching experience and GPA, Finders Teachers also lets teachers list if they’d be willing to relocate, and if so, how far they’re willing to travel. This is just one of the tools the site has so districts can find the right teacher, but also so our colleagues in Bayonne have the best chance possible to land a new job.

We understand school districts are under pressure to keep costs down, but there must be a better way than dismissing hundreds of qualified teachers. We’ll do what we can to help of fellow teachers find new positions, and when Bayonne’s Board of Education solidifies their bottom line we’ll be here to help them, too.

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