Congratulations to the Education Graduates of 2017

education graduatesStarting this month, thousands of education graduates will cross a stage as they take one step closer to their professional careers. As opposed to a post about districts in need or the benefits our site offers to both teachers and districts, this week we’d like to congratulate the thousands of newly-minted educators who are preparing to enter the most import – and rewarding – profession of all: teaching.

Between 2010 and 2014 the number of teachers entering the profession actually dropped, but from what we can see, that number is on the rebound. When we visited Penn State University last month, we signed up close to 200 aspiring teachers in search of employment. Combine that number with the thousands of other colleges and universities across the United States and it’s reason to be optimistic. What’s more, we must not overlook those educators enrolled in education graduate programs as they broaden their skills with advanced degrees in curriculum, instruction or administrative certifications – all to the benefit of schools and students.

The popular phrase that, “The expert in anything was once a beginner” is one of the most astute observations, and while one’s skill and determination to task moves them to success, the know-how they possess was instilled by someone else – someone who nurtured them, who set high expectations and who motivated them to do their best. That person is a teacher.

Why Education Graduates are Essential

In some cases it’s one person; that teacher who is forever remembered for the caring, the drive, the inspiration, the refusal to give up. For most, however, it’s the cumulative influence we had upon the lives of our students; for that’s the momentum that drives them to that next step beyond our classrooms.

This is why everybody can name a teacher (if not more than one) who was instrumental in shaping their lives; this is why they return to visit after years away; and this is the reason they encourage their own children to excel and succeed. In part because of the benefits of a good education, but equally important is because of those of us who share the knowledge, the enthusiasm and energy to keep this cycle going.

Education is the seed from which all other professions grow, and that’s a responsibility to never be taken lightly.

On behalf of everyone at Finders Teachers, congratulations to the Education graduates of 2017 – both undergraduate and graduate, for your task is the most important.

And we look forward to helping make it possible.