A New Way of Hiring Teachers Online

new way of hiring teachers

As current administrators retire, new way of hiring teachers arises. Last week we congratulated the graduates who are preparing to start their careers in the classroom. This week, we congratulate those educators who prepare to retire.

Like any profession, there comes a time to step aside; to spend our remaining years at our leisure. To all those educators who have molded, motivated, guided, and when necessary, “set straight” students over their vast time in the classroom we wish you farewell, and a wonderful retirement!

With each retirement, however, there is an opening. Over the last few weeks Finders Teachers has been forging relationships with several principals and superintendents – many of whom learned of our new way of hiring teachers for the first time. Best of all, there were Impressed! Many were taken aback upon learning of a system that allowed their principals to search for potential new hires by criteria. Word of Finders Teachers is spreading…and quickly!

New Jersey has proven fertile ground for teachers and districts, and with new inroads being made in the Midwest, we look forward to expanding our services. Bottom line – news of who we are and new way of hiring teachers is spreading.

The hiring season for teachers is upon us, and with more districts signing up each day, teachers on our site are in demand now more than ever before. Don’t have a profile? No problem, it takes 90 seconds to create a free profile, or if you have one already it’s time to post a headshot, maybe a mock lesson and definitely time to get the rest of your profile dressed up, because the districts are out and actively looking for their next new hire.

Finders Teachers isn’t a trend, and we’re not going to disappear in a couple years. With over 300 teacher profiles created in just 2 months, we’re onto something Big. Districts know it, too.

We ARE the new way of hiring teachers – don’t miss out!

Create your profile today.

It’s time to get hired.