NJ teachers and districts sign up to use Finders Teachers

NJ Teachers

As another school year draws to a close, NJ teachers are evaluating their careers and NJ districts begin planning budgets for the upcoming year, it’s inevitable that some districts will look to hire, while others will be forced to reduce their teacher workforce.

Born and bred in New Jersey, we’re especially attune to cutbacks effecting our NJ teachers and our state. Districts such as Trenton, Camden City, Swedesboro-Woolwich, Penns Grove-Carney’s Point and Paterson are all facing cutbacks of some sort.

New opportunities are available for NJ teachers willing to try a new district – and we’ve been hard at work to grow the number of districts using Finders Teachers.

Expanding Beyond NJ Teachers and Administrators

We personally contacted over 5,000 principals to promote Finders Teachers, and last week, two more districts signed up to use our site. What’s more, we were contacted by the office of Pamela Stewart, Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education to see how we could help the Sunshine State resolve their teacher shortage and we also have an appointment with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators so they can consider sharing it with their members nationwide. Finally, we’re also working the other side of the equation – that is, in the fall we’ll be presenting to the Council of the Deans of Education in Chicago to promote the site so their graduates can get hired faster.

Word is spreading of how Finders Teachers can aid the education industry, and people are listening. It’s never easy when a district announces possible cutbacks; not for teachers, students, parents or administrators. Our goal is to make the hiring of a new teacher faster, easier and more convenient for all involved. Plus, given the options we have to search for a new teacher, ultimately districts will come to find they have hired – not just any teacher – but the perfect match for their district. And that makes cutbacks harder, and hopefully, obsolete.

More teachers and administrators join our site every day, and for good reason. We are the new way to get hired.

Try us and see. Teachers from 10 states already use the site and more register each day.