Innovative Teaching Starts with Innovate Hiring Process

An innovative hiring process is key to innovative teaching. Education is an industry with many owners – students, parents, teachers, administrators – just to name a few. Everyone wants their school and students to perform well; to achieve; and to do this with minimal cost to the public – and we support these ideals.

Each year, thousands of teachers graduate from college with degree in hand ready to embrace the challenge that awaits them in a classroom; they’ve worked hard, observed veteran educators and completed their student teaching – all of which has reinforced the ideas of innovation, “backward design” and goal achievement.

The essence of teaching today is to start with a goal, and then, work to achieve it. So, why should it be any different when hiring a teacher? Just as teachers model behavior for our students, so too should districts when hiring teachers. It yields results and demonstrates qualities teachers look for in an employer.

A perfect example occurred just recently when the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team – with the #1 pick in the NBA lottery – selected Markelle Fultz as their newest player.

innovative hiring processNow, the 76ers could have placed an advertisement for the #1 draft pick, been swarmed with applications and then spent days – perhaps weeks – reviewing credentials of those who applied, but how realistic is that?

We all know the answer.

Instead, the 76ers took the effective, logical and efficient approach: knew their needs and picked the person who fit those needs from a select, manageable group.

We demonstrate this way of “shopping” every day – whether at the grocery store, looking for a new car, or when sports teams draft their newest player. We do the research and then make a selection. Not the other way around.

It’s no different – or less important, frankly – when hiring a teacher.

That’s what Finders-Teachers aims to do – to allow districts to search for the right teacher, but without sifting through thousands of applications. Using a system of filters administrators can search for the traits they need in a teacher and a matching – and manageable – number of applicants is returned in moments. From there, officials can review the candidates’ credentials, view a mock lesson and arrange for an online interview. Fast, easy, convenient – and innovative.

Backwards design at its best.

Finders Teachers is not the only teacher recruitment company – others like Frontline Education and a host of local websites where districts post their openings are hard at work. We are, however, the only company created by educators that actually models the traits schools look for when hiring a new teacher.

That is – we don’t post jobs, we post candidates.

Programs such as Frontline Education, while far-reaching into teacher orientation and management, does not actually make the hiring process any more efficient. Districts still post positions online, applications still need vetting and the process remains cumbersome. While aligned with new amenities, the old-fashioned way of hiring a teacher remains just that – old.

hiring process

We applaud all of the teacher placement services at work today, for we are committed to a valuable and important task. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of college students training to become teachers dropped from over 700,000 in 2010 to less than 500,000 in 2014, and even states that presently met their staffing needs are bracing for a potential upcoming shortfall. Given this circumstance, hiring a new teacher is not a task that can afford to move at its current pace. There is a better way.

Created by educators, the goal of Finders-Teachers is to expedite the teacher hiring process. From the perspective of teachers we’re looking to give districts the information they need to make an informed decision, to hire the right teacher quickly and conveniently. We don’t claim to be the cure for the teacher hiring process, but rather just an additional resource, with a new approach for a common goal.