Finders Teachers Invited to Present in Chicago

Chicago Teaching Jobs

Chicago area colleges want to learn more about how we can help teachers. In a few weeks, we will be meeting with the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE), who represent 24 colleges and universities from the Chicago area. Why? To share with them a new way for education graduates to find their first job – Finders Teachers.

Chicago is big news – really big!

When Finders Teachers first launched, our concentration was in the mid-Atlantic region where we had our roots. From there, we heard from other areas around the country; specifically from Florida, Hawaii and now Illinois. Clearly, word of who we are and the innovative way we seek to help teachers is spreading.

To date, there are more than 300 teachers with profiles and over 30 schools searching for a new teacher using our site. Plus, as we’ve said a million times we don’t post jobs – we post teachers. And colleges and universities clearly agree this is the right way to help graduates get that first job.

But interest doesn’t stop there.

We’ve since heard from colleges, universities and school districts in North Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska and even Australia.

Yup, Australia.

Not to fall off into the humdrum logic of doing business, but everyone knows that unless a product is somehow new and innovative, it won’t be successful. The reason we continue to get more meetings, earn praise and see more registrations on our website every day is because we meet these criteria, while promoting an even more important goal – getting teachers into classrooms.

Come the springtime we’ll be on numerous college campuses throughout the northeast to share Finders Teachers, but until then we’re really looking forward to presenting in Chicago. In the meantime, if you’d like us to stop by your campus – whether you’re faculty or a group of education students – just send us a note at We’d love to come by!

We don’t claim to be the cure for the old-fashioned and time-consuming teacher hiring process, but rather an additional resource; with a new approach, for a common goal – and people are noticing.