Chicago Area Schools Using Finders Teachers

Chicago area schoolsChicago area schools have recently started using Finders-Teachers. To date, FT has grown to include 15 states and boasts profiles for over 346 teachers and 61 schools or districts – that’s a teacher-to-school ratio of 6:1. That also means a much better chance of a teacher getting hired than blindly sending along a resume and hoping for a call.

What’s more, in September we announced that we were presenting to Chicago area schools at the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE), and we’re excited to report the meeting went very well. We introduced the site, demonstrated how it worked and walked away with some very valuable feedback that will allow both teachers and school districts to use the site to its fullest potential. As we work to integrate these edits, we’re also excited to report that just 2 days after our announcement of presenting in Chicago, 13 Chicago area schools created profiles to hire new teachers.

Clearly, our innovative new way of searching for teachers isn’t just faster, easier and more convenient, but it’s appealing & in demand. And not only that, we make the search for a new teacher easier but without sacrificing quality. In fact, FT is enhancing the search for a new teacher by providing administrators with the information they need up front – information like certification status, references, allowing teachers to specify if they prefer rural or urban districts – even allowing teachers to upload a video of a mock lesson. All this information in one place, not gathered after an exchange of “back and forth” between administrator and candidate.

Each day another school creates an account on the site, then a teacher. It’s happening faster than we anticipated, and the results are exciting to watch!

Pretty soon, the old-fashioned way of applying for a teaching job will be obsolete – and that benefits everyone.