Finders Teachers The International Teacher Hiring Website

international-teacher-hiringFinders Teachers recently went international with interest from Australia and Canada. So far, Finders Teachers has grown to include 362 teachers and 71 districts – all using our new way to hire a teacher. We’re active in 16 states, have contacted colleges and districts in Michigan and North Carolina to help with their shortages, and recently saw a district from Australia create an account and teachers from Canada have created profiles as well making us a truly international teacher hiring website.

Word is getting out!

Plus, after our meeting with the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE) in Chicago, we updated our website to allow for an even more targeted way to search for teachers, including if a teacher would work in a rural district, urban district or even internationally. Plus, we added a notification service so college officials can see when their graduates get hired, and by whom.

In the last 2 weeks, various colleges have used Finders Teachers to help their impending graduates, including Cabrini College, Trinity College and Holy Family University, just to name a few.

As they approach graduation and prepare to begin their careers, many new teachers are not constrained by anything – they can teach around the corner, across the country, or now, around the world. With the new revisions to our site, teachers and administrators alike can now find the perfect fit to fill virtually any opening.

Fact is, education is an industry that must be on the cutting-edge of innovation, and Finders Teachers is right there; we’re working to make locating and hiring of new teachers faster, easier and more convenient for all involved – whether the need is local or international. Finally, we have big plans in the springtime to boost the number of teacher profiles (more about that next month.)

Finders Teachers is growing, and with good reason.

Check us out, create a profile and experience the new way to hire a teacher.