Teacher Job Fairs

Teacher Job FairsBelieve it or not, teacher job fairs and the teacher hiring season is right around the corner. Beginning in March colleges and universities nationwide will host teacher job fairs for soon-to-be-teachers, and FT already has plans to be in attendance. By May we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher profiles, and in 3 minutes we can have Free Profile created for you – whether you’re a teacher or someone who hires teachers!

We look forward to meeting new teachers at the following teacher job fairs

Northern Illinois University
Mon, February 26

University of Illinois at Chicago (at Loyola University)
Thurs, March 1

Rowan University
Thurs., March 1

Pennsylvania State University
Mon., March 26

University of Delaware
Wed, April 18

Of course, these are not the only fairs we are registered to attend. As other fairs open for registration we plan on attending those, too, so stay tuned for the when & where!