Create a Teacher Job Profile

Create a Teacher Job Profile

Just give us 3 minutes and you can create a teacher job profile. Brew Coffee, Listen to a Song, Create a Profile! National teacher job fairs begin in just a couple weeks and Finders Teachers will be at several to help you get hired, but first before you begin visiting schools at the fair – create a teacher job profile.

Here’s why:

In 3 minutes – the time it takes to brew coffee or listen to a song – we can have a Free Profile created for you on FT that you can personalize at the end of the day. This way, after you wander the fair meeting with representatives from those schools in attendance, close to 100 administrators will be reviewing your profile online long after the fair has ended. Upload your resume, post a video lesson plan or personal statement, list awards and certifications – everything a district needs to make an informed hiring decision. And don’t worry, when your profile is selected we’ll send you an e-mail so you never miss that chance to get hired. Pretty cool, huh?

In essence, our “virtual” job fair continues well after the on-the-ground fair ends. And districts are anxious to meet you, too. In the last week, over a dozen districts in 6 states have created teacher job profiles with the hope of finding a new teacher.

By May, we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher job profiles and in 3 minutes we can have Free Profile created for you. So, before you begin walking the fair come see us and make an impression both on the ground and over the net.

So far, we look forward to meeting new teachers at the following fairs –

Mon, February 26
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL

Wed, February 28
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

Thurs, March 1
University of Illinois at Chicago (at Loyola University)
Chicago, IL

Thurs, March 1
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ

Mon, March 26
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA

Wed, April 18
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

Of course, these are not the only fairs we are registered to attend. As other fairs open for registration we plan on attending those, too, so stay tuned for the when & where!

Want us to stop by your school? Send an email to us or find us at #findersteachers and give us the details!