Tom Rosenberg, Founder

“When I applied for my first teaching job, I did what most teachers in search of a job did – trolled job sites, filled out applications, uploaded my resume, hit ‘submit’ and then waited. And waited…and waited…”

Fact is, over the years districts have sought to find new teachers through a variety of means – newspaper ads, billboards, job fairs, and now, posting jobs online. These old-fashioned methods of hiring a teacher are just that – old. Now more than ever, teachers are too important a resource to be selected in this way. Instead, what is needed – and what teachers deserve – is a system which allows them to be sought after in a manner consummate with their importance; one that glorifies their skills and personality; that promotes ingenuity; and one that lets them show themselves as a star recruit.

I created Finders-Teachers with my experience in mind. I wanted to speed up the hiring process and help schools and teachers find their perfect fit with only a few clicks – and to do it without sacrificing quality. Through its online platform Finders Teachers seeks to match available teachers with administrators looking to hire by providing each party with the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Finders Teachers is designed to benefit teachers and schools equally, and to do so quickly, conveniently and at minimal cost. After all, technology isn’t just revolutionizing what we can do in the classroom, now it’s changing how people get there.

See you in class!


Since 2005, Tom has worked as an AP certified Social Studies teacher in southern New Jersey, teaching 9th, 11th and 12th grade students. Tom has a Bachelors degree in History from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Xavier University in Chicago.