Create a Teacher Job Profile

Create a Teacher Job Profile

Just give us 3 minutes and you can create a teacher job profile. Brew Coffee, Listen to a Song, Create a Profile! National teacher job fairs begin in just a couple weeks and Finders Teachers will be at several to help you get hired, but first before you begin visiting schools at the fair – create a teacher job profile.

Here’s why:

In 3 minutes – the time it takes to brew coffee or listen to a song – we can have a Free Profile created for you on FT that you can personalize at the end of the day. This way, after you wander the fair meeting with representatives from those schools in attendance, close to 100 administrators will be reviewing your profile online long after the fair has ended. Upload your resume, post a video lesson plan or personal statement, list awards and certifications – everything a district needs to make an informed hiring decision. And don’t worry, when your profile is selected we’ll send you an e-mail so you never miss that chance to get hired. Pretty cool, huh?

In essence, our “virtual” job fair continues well after the on-the-ground fair ends. And districts are anxious to meet you, too. In the last week, over a dozen districts in 6 states have created teacher job profiles with the hope of finding a new teacher.

By May, we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher job profiles and in 3 minutes we can have Free Profile created for you. So, before you begin walking the fair come see us and make an impression both on the ground and over the net.

So far, we look forward to meeting new teachers at the following fairs –

Mon, February 26
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL

Wed, February 28
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

Thurs, March 1
University of Illinois at Chicago (at Loyola University)
Chicago, IL

Thurs, March 1
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ

Mon, March 26
Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA

Wed, April 18
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

Of course, these are not the only fairs we are registered to attend. As other fairs open for registration we plan on attending those, too, so stay tuned for the when & where!

Want us to stop by your school? Send an email to us or find us at #findersteachers and give us the details!

Teacher Job Fairs

Teacher Job FairsBelieve it or not, teacher job fairs and the teacher hiring season is right around the corner. Beginning in March colleges and universities nationwide will host teacher job fairs for soon-to-be-teachers, and FT already has plans to be in attendance. By May we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher profiles, and in 3 minutes we can have Free Profile created for you – whether you’re a teacher or someone who hires teachers!

We look forward to meeting new teachers at the following teacher job fairs

Northern Illinois University
Mon, February 26

University of Illinois at Chicago (at Loyola University)
Thurs, March 1

Rowan University
Thurs., March 1

Pennsylvania State University
Mon., March 26

University of Delaware
Wed, April 18

Of course, these are not the only fairs we are registered to attend. As other fairs open for registration we plan on attending those, too, so stay tuned for the when & where!

Finders Teachers The International Teacher Hiring Website

international-teacher-hiringFinders Teachers recently went international with interest from Australia and Canada. So far, Finders Teachers has grown to include 362 teachers and 71 districts – all using our new way to hire a teacher. We’re active in 16 states, have contacted colleges and districts in Michigan and North Carolina to help with their shortages, and recently saw a district from Australia create an account and teachers from Canada have created profiles as well making us a truly international teacher hiring website.

Word is getting out!

Plus, after our meeting with the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE) in Chicago, we updated our website to allow for an even more targeted way to search for teachers, including if a teacher would work in a rural district, urban district or even internationally. Plus, we added a notification service so college officials can see when their graduates get hired, and by whom.

In the last 2 weeks, various colleges have used Finders Teachers to help their impending graduates, including Cabrini College, Trinity College and Holy Family University, just to name a few.

As they approach graduation and prepare to begin their careers, many new teachers are not constrained by anything – they can teach around the corner, across the country, or now, around the world. With the new revisions to our site, teachers and administrators alike can now find the perfect fit to fill virtually any opening.

Fact is, education is an industry that must be on the cutting-edge of innovation, and Finders Teachers is right there; we’re working to make locating and hiring of new teachers faster, easier and more convenient for all involved – whether the need is local or international. Finally, we have big plans in the springtime to boost the number of teacher profiles (more about that next month.)

Finders Teachers is growing, and with good reason.

Check us out, create a profile and experience the new way to hire a teacher.

Chicago Area Schools Using Finders Teachers

Chicago area schoolsChicago area schools have recently started using Finders-Teachers. To date, FT has grown to include 15 states and boasts profiles for over 346 teachers and 61 schools or districts – that’s a teacher-to-school ratio of 6:1. That also means a much better chance of a teacher getting hired than blindly sending along a resume and hoping for a call.

What’s more, in September we announced that we were presenting to Chicago area schools at the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE), and we’re excited to report the meeting went very well. We introduced the site, demonstrated how it worked and walked away with some very valuable feedback that will allow both teachers and school districts to use the site to its fullest potential. As we work to integrate these edits, we’re also excited to report that just 2 days after our announcement of presenting in Chicago, 13 Chicago area schools created profiles to hire new teachers.

Clearly, our innovative new way of searching for teachers isn’t just faster, easier and more convenient, but it’s appealing & in demand. And not only that, we make the search for a new teacher easier but without sacrificing quality. In fact, FT is enhancing the search for a new teacher by providing administrators with the information they need up front – information like certification status, references, allowing teachers to specify if they prefer rural or urban districts – even allowing teachers to upload a video of a mock lesson. All this information in one place, not gathered after an exchange of “back and forth” between administrator and candidate.

Each day another school creates an account on the site, then a teacher. It’s happening faster than we anticipated, and the results are exciting to watch!

Pretty soon, the old-fashioned way of applying for a teaching job will be obsolete – and that benefits everyone.

Finders Teachers Invited to Present in Chicago

Chicago Teaching Jobs

Chicago area colleges want to learn more about how we can help teachers. In a few weeks, we will be meeting with the Council of Chicago Area Deans of Education (CCADE), who represent 24 colleges and universities from the Chicago area. Why? To share with them a new way for education graduates to find their first job – Finders Teachers.

Chicago is big news – really big!

When Finders Teachers first launched, our concentration was in the mid-Atlantic region where we had our roots. From there, we heard from other areas around the country; specifically from Florida, Hawaii and now Illinois. Clearly, word of who we are and the innovative way we seek to help teachers is spreading.

To date, there are more than 300 teachers with profiles and over 30 schools searching for a new teacher using our site. Plus, as we’ve said a million times we don’t post jobs – we post teachers. And colleges and universities clearly agree this is the right way to help graduates get that first job.

But interest doesn’t stop there.

We’ve since heard from colleges, universities and school districts in North Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska and even Australia.

Yup, Australia.

Not to fall off into the humdrum logic of doing business, but everyone knows that unless a product is somehow new and innovative, it won’t be successful. The reason we continue to get more meetings, earn praise and see more registrations on our website every day is because we meet these criteria, while promoting an even more important goal – getting teachers into classrooms.

Come the springtime we’ll be on numerous college campuses throughout the northeast to share Finders Teachers, but until then we’re really looking forward to presenting in Chicago. In the meantime, if you’d like us to stop by your campus – whether you’re faculty or a group of education students – just send us a note at We’d love to come by!

We don’t claim to be the cure for the old-fashioned and time-consuming teacher hiring process, but rather an additional resource; with a new approach, for a common goal – and people are noticing.


New teachers enter the classroom thanks to Finders Teachers

New teachers enter the classroom thanks to Finders TeachersNew teachers are entering the classroom thanks to Finders Teachers. Already, schools across the country have begun yet another school year, and while districts wished many of their retirees farewell, they hired new teachers to replace them. Whether those hired came by traditional means, employment agencies or through Finders Teachers, we wish all new teachers the best for a prosperous and successful school year!

Since our launch in February, over 25 districts and 300 teachers from 13 states have created profiles, and with that we have narrowed the nationwide school of applicants and made accessing them much easier. As a result, states such as Florida and Hawaii – both in dire need of teachers – have a greater chance of recruiting that new educator, whether that person hails from across town or across the country.

Created by educators, our mission is to put teachers in classrooms. Districts enter the search criteria they’re looking for in a teacher and a list of matching candidates is returned in seconds. From there, districts can instantly contact a prospective teacher and begin the interview process, thereby making the hiring of a prospective teacher faster, easier and more convenient for all involved – and that benefits everyone.

To date, Finders Teachers has grown beyond our expectations. While we started in the northeast, we have been well received in Florida, and this fall we look forward to expanding to the greater Chicago area to introduce our new way of hiring teachers to their wealth of colleges, universities and school districts.

We are on our way to providing schools and districts with a nationwide pool of applicants, but for now, as another school year begins Finders Teachers joins Frontline Education, TalenEd and all the other employment agencies in welcoming those teachers we helped place in the classroom to what will be their most exciting and fulfilling job – teaching.

Congratulations, and we’ll see you in class!

Innovative Teaching Starts with Innovate Hiring Process

An innovative hiring process is key to innovative teaching. Education is an industry with many owners – students, parents, teachers, administrators – just to name a few. Everyone wants their school and students to perform well; to achieve; and to do this with minimal cost to the public – and we support these ideals.

Each year, thousands of teachers graduate from college with degree in hand ready to embrace the challenge that awaits them in a classroom; they’ve worked hard, observed veteran educators and completed their student teaching – all of which has reinforced the ideas of innovation, “backward design” and goal achievement.

The essence of teaching today is to start with a goal, and then, work to achieve it. So, why should it be any different when hiring a teacher? Just as teachers model behavior for our students, so too should districts when hiring teachers. It yields results and demonstrates qualities teachers look for in an employer.

A perfect example occurred just recently when the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team – with the #1 pick in the NBA lottery – selected Markelle Fultz as their newest player.

innovative hiring processNow, the 76ers could have placed an advertisement for the #1 draft pick, been swarmed with applications and then spent days – perhaps weeks – reviewing credentials of those who applied, but how realistic is that?

We all know the answer.

Instead, the 76ers took the effective, logical and efficient approach: knew their needs and picked the person who fit those needs from a select, manageable group.

We demonstrate this way of “shopping” every day – whether at the grocery store, looking for a new car, or when sports teams draft their newest player. We do the research and then make a selection. Not the other way around.

It’s no different – or less important, frankly – when hiring a teacher.

That’s what Finders-Teachers aims to do – to allow districts to search for the right teacher, but without sifting through thousands of applications. Using a system of filters administrators can search for the traits they need in a teacher and a matching – and manageable – number of applicants is returned in moments. From there, officials can review the candidates’ credentials, view a mock lesson and arrange for an online interview. Fast, easy, convenient – and innovative.

Backwards design at its best.

Finders Teachers is not the only teacher recruitment company – others like Frontline Education and a host of local websites where districts post their openings are hard at work. We are, however, the only company created by educators that actually models the traits schools look for when hiring a new teacher.

That is – we don’t post jobs, we post candidates.

Programs such as Frontline Education, while far-reaching into teacher orientation and management, does not actually make the hiring process any more efficient. Districts still post positions online, applications still need vetting and the process remains cumbersome. While aligned with new amenities, the old-fashioned way of hiring a teacher remains just that – old.

hiring process

We applaud all of the teacher placement services at work today, for we are committed to a valuable and important task. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of college students training to become teachers dropped from over 700,000 in 2010 to less than 500,000 in 2014, and even states that presently met their staffing needs are bracing for a potential upcoming shortfall. Given this circumstance, hiring a new teacher is not a task that can afford to move at its current pace. There is a better way.

Created by educators, the goal of Finders-Teachers is to expedite the teacher hiring process. From the perspective of teachers we’re looking to give districts the information they need to make an informed decision, to hire the right teacher quickly and conveniently. We don’t claim to be the cure for the teacher hiring process, but rather just an additional resource, with a new approach for a common goal.

NJ teachers and districts sign up to use Finders Teachers

NJ Teachers

As another school year draws to a close, NJ teachers are evaluating their careers and NJ districts begin planning budgets for the upcoming year, it’s inevitable that some districts will look to hire, while others will be forced to reduce their teacher workforce.

Born and bred in New Jersey, we’re especially attune to cutbacks effecting our NJ teachers and our state. Districts such as Trenton, Camden City, Swedesboro-Woolwich, Penns Grove-Carney’s Point and Paterson are all facing cutbacks of some sort.

New opportunities are available for NJ teachers willing to try a new district – and we’ve been hard at work to grow the number of districts using Finders Teachers.

Expanding Beyond NJ Teachers and Administrators

We personally contacted over 5,000 principals to promote Finders Teachers, and last week, two more districts signed up to use our site. What’s more, we were contacted by the office of Pamela Stewart, Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education to see how we could help the Sunshine State resolve their teacher shortage and we also have an appointment with the American Association of School Personnel Administrators so they can consider sharing it with their members nationwide. Finally, we’re also working the other side of the equation – that is, in the fall we’ll be presenting to the Council of the Deans of Education in Chicago to promote the site so their graduates can get hired faster.

Word is spreading of how Finders Teachers can aid the education industry, and people are listening. It’s never easy when a district announces possible cutbacks; not for teachers, students, parents or administrators. Our goal is to make the hiring of a new teacher faster, easier and more convenient for all involved. Plus, given the options we have to search for a new teacher, ultimately districts will come to find they have hired – not just any teacher – but the perfect match for their district. And that makes cutbacks harder, and hopefully, obsolete.

More teachers and administrators join our site every day, and for good reason. We are the new way to get hired.

Try us and see. Teachers from 10 states already use the site and more register each day.

A New Way of Hiring Teachers Online

new way of hiring teachers

As current administrators retire, new way of hiring teachers arises. Last week we congratulated the graduates who are preparing to start their careers in the classroom. This week, we congratulate those educators who prepare to retire.

Like any profession, there comes a time to step aside; to spend our remaining years at our leisure. To all those educators who have molded, motivated, guided, and when necessary, “set straight” students over their vast time in the classroom we wish you farewell, and a wonderful retirement!

With each retirement, however, there is an opening. Over the last few weeks Finders Teachers has been forging relationships with several principals and superintendents – many of whom learned of our new way of hiring teachers for the first time. Best of all, there were Impressed! Many were taken aback upon learning of a system that allowed their principals to search for potential new hires by criteria. Word of Finders Teachers is spreading…and quickly!

New Jersey has proven fertile ground for teachers and districts, and with new inroads being made in the Midwest, we look forward to expanding our services. Bottom line – news of who we are and new way of hiring teachers is spreading.

The hiring season for teachers is upon us, and with more districts signing up each day, teachers on our site are in demand now more than ever before. Don’t have a profile? No problem, it takes 90 seconds to create a free profile, or if you have one already it’s time to post a headshot, maybe a mock lesson and definitely time to get the rest of your profile dressed up, because the districts are out and actively looking for their next new hire.

Finders Teachers isn’t a trend, and we’re not going to disappear in a couple years. With over 300 teacher profiles created in just 2 months, we’re onto something Big. Districts know it, too.

We ARE the new way of hiring teachers – don’t miss out!

Create your profile today.

It’s time to get hired.

Congratulations to the Education Graduates of 2017

education graduatesStarting this month, thousands of education graduates will cross a stage as they take one step closer to their professional careers. As opposed to a post about districts in need or the benefits our site offers to both teachers and districts, this week we’d like to congratulate the thousands of newly-minted educators who are preparing to enter the most import – and rewarding – profession of all: teaching.

Between 2010 and 2014 the number of teachers entering the profession actually dropped, but from what we can see, that number is on the rebound. When we visited Penn State University last month, we signed up close to 200 aspiring teachers in search of employment. Combine that number with the thousands of other colleges and universities across the United States and it’s reason to be optimistic. What’s more, we must not overlook those educators enrolled in education graduate programs as they broaden their skills with advanced degrees in curriculum, instruction or administrative certifications – all to the benefit of schools and students.

The popular phrase that, “The expert in anything was once a beginner” is one of the most astute observations, and while one’s skill and determination to task moves them to success, the know-how they possess was instilled by someone else – someone who nurtured them, who set high expectations and who motivated them to do their best. That person is a teacher.

Why Education Graduates are Essential

In some cases it’s one person; that teacher who is forever remembered for the caring, the drive, the inspiration, the refusal to give up. For most, however, it’s the cumulative influence we had upon the lives of our students; for that’s the momentum that drives them to that next step beyond our classrooms.

This is why everybody can name a teacher (if not more than one) who was instrumental in shaping their lives; this is why they return to visit after years away; and this is the reason they encourage their own children to excel and succeed. In part because of the benefits of a good education, but equally important is because of those of us who share the knowledge, the enthusiasm and energy to keep this cycle going.

Education is the seed from which all other professions grow, and that’s a responsibility to never be taken lightly.

On behalf of everyone at Finders Teachers, congratulations to the Education graduates of 2017 – both undergraduate and graduate, for your task is the most important.

And we look forward to helping make it possible.