Bayonne Public Schools to lay off 300

bayonne public schoolsThis past week, Bayonne Public Schools announced they were laying off 300 district employees, 261 of whom were energetic and passionate teachers who happened to not have tenure.

This was unbelievable and sad news.

Any public entity will always have to watch their bottom line, but to do so at the expense of hundreds teachers is a truly reckless act. Not only does it have an adverse impact on the students in Bayonne Public Schools, but you also have hundreds of teachers who, come June, will need to find some other way of paying their bills.

It was bad news all around.

Finders Teachers Offers Free Help for Laid-Off Teachers

Upon learning of what happened, Finders Teachers reached out to the Bayonne Teachers Association, the Hudson County (NJ) Education Association and the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) and offered any teacher who would benefit from our site a free profile.

Since we launched 2 months ago, we’ve had over 200 users from 7 states create profiles to find their next job. Our colleagues in Bayonne are no less qualified than anyone else, and to help them transition to another classroom in their time of crisis is the right thing to do. Period.

Since Friday, several Bayonne Public Schools teachers have created a profile and now that the “hiring season” for educators has begun it’s our hope they can find a new position right away.

Besides being able to post a resume, qualifications, extra-curriculars, coaching experience and GPA, Finders Teachers also lets teachers list if they’d be willing to relocate, and if so, how far they’re willing to travel. This is just one of the tools the site has so districts can find the right teacher, but also so our colleagues in Bayonne have the best chance possible to land a new job.

We understand school districts are under pressure to keep costs down, but there must be a better way than dismissing hundreds of qualified teachers. We’ll do what we can to help of fellow teachers find new positions, and when Bayonne’s Board of Education solidifies their bottom line we’ll be here to help them, too.

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Philadelphia School District Ordered to Hire More Teachers


Philadelphia City Controller to District: Hire More Teachers, or Risk Losing Funding

In an article last week, Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz, sounded an alarm when he said that the city is in danger of losing federal funding for its public schools. Why?

Not enough teachers.

Mr. Butkovitz’s office randomly audited 23 public schools to ensure proper staffing and 17 of those schools failed. That jeopardizes the city’s Title I funding. Even though Philadelphia has launched an all-out media blitz to hire new teachers, they are still coming up short. This week, we plan on contacting the district to make sure they know about Finders Teachers and understand we’re another tool for use in their hiring arsenal. So far, we have close to 200 teachers in the Greater Philadelphia area actively looking for work.

“The School District of Philadelphia is committed to making every effort to fill vacant positions, especially when the positions are essential to meeting the needs of our students,” said Lee Whack, a district spokesman.

Hey, that’s awesome.

Now, combine Finders Teachers with incentives the district is offering – like picking up the cost for administrative clearances and mandatory physicals for new teachers earning under $40,000 – and it’s another resource the District can use. When a crisis looms, why not use everything to address it?

Plus, Finders Teachers is the easier way to solve a teacher shortage. Already the School District of Philadelphia has received 277 applications, and that’s a good start, but now comes the tedious part – sorting through all those resumes to find the right, qualified applicant. No district, no matter how strapped for teachers, is going to hire just anyone who sends along a resume. They need to hire the right teacher with the rights skills.

Enter Finders Teachers.

Administrators can search our pool of applicants by grade, subject, degree earned – you name it, so the School District of Philadelphia – or any district nationwide – can find the teachers who meet their needs quickly.

Fast, Easy Convenient.

Don’t worry, Philadelphia. We’re in this together.

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Penn State Education Fair

Penn State Education FairOn Monday we attended Penn State Education Fair. It was an awesome turnout, with hundreds of teachers walking the room in search of their first job – all with resumes, high hopes and dressed to perfection.

Employer Turnout at Penn State Education Fair

The employer turnout was impressive, too. Representatives from public schools, charter schools, private tutoring firms were all there looking for their next new hires. Employers came from Pennsylvania, of course but so too were administrators from schools in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and even Texas – all in search of new teachers.

Finders Teachers Success at the Penn State Education Fair

We’re happy to report – or brag (ahem) – that we signed up close to 200 new teachers! As the “new kid on the block” when it comes to helping teachers find jobs we’re still making a name for ourself, but once teachers found us and learned how we operated, there was a line at the table to create a profile – no lie! And why not? It took an average of 90 seconds to create a free profile.

We also hit it off with various administrators who were at the fair as well. So far, districts in 3 states have created accounts on Finders Teachers.

While job fairs have been a mainstay when it comes to bringing teachers and district together, they still take time, effort and money. Many administrators we met at the fair with loved the concept behind Finders Teachers.

Why Administrators at the Penn State Education Fair Loved Us

Because all school districts are watching their bottom lines. It’s imperative administrators attend career fairs that offer the most graduating education majors, and just as importantly, the fairs that give them the best chance of actually hiring a teacher. However, there is a risk – namely that a school walks away empty-handed. Given the cost some districts spend to attend these events – especially if traveling from across the country – sometimes that risk is too great.

And that’s where Finders Teachers comes in. We’re here to help teachers find jobs, but also to let administrators know by using our site to search for new hires they’ll get a guaranteed, manageable number of applicants to consider. Then, when the time comes to travel for an interview, everyone walks away knowing their travel funds have been well-spent.

Each day, our online talent pool gets deeper – and that’s something to be excited about, whether you’re a teacher or the person who hires them.

See you at the next Penn State Education Fair

Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs

pennsylvania teaching jobsInterested in Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs? Next Monday we’ll be at Pennsylvania State University to offer their education grads the same opportunity we did a couple weeks ago when we visited Rowan University to meet their impending graduates and to help them create a free profile to start their careers. We had a great turnout, with several soon-to-be-grads creating accounts, but we also meet various school administrators that were excited a new and easy way to locate teachers now exists.

As one district superintendent put it, “Jeez, this is awesome!”

In fact, we got interest from over 35 administrators who like us, 3 of whom created administrator profiles at the fair! The more teachers we can get for them, the better it will be for everyone.

And that’s the point.

Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs

Interested in Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs? Next Monday we’ll be at Pennsylvania State University to offer their education grads the same opportunity – to sign up, get seen and get hired. We’ll be on hand with tablets to help get teachers registered, and since it only takes 3 minutes why not add one more hiring resource to the repertoire?

Plus, it’s not just Penn State. We recently paired with Cabrini University, Eastern University, Gwynedd Mercy College and Holy Family University to help put their soon-to-be grads to work too.

Pennsylvania teaching jobs rank high! Pennsylvania is a great place to teach – the Keystone State is above the national average in starting salary, wage competitiveness and has an awesome average pupil-to-classroom ration of 15:1.

Remember, it’s not just about finding any job, but the right job. While Pennsylvania has an above-average rating as a state that holds on to its teachers, it’s not about taking the first job you’re offered. Sure, you can send resumes to every opening you find, but why? So administrators can spend hours wading through piles of resumes? And you sit by the phone hoping to get called?


It’s not what either of you wants to deal with. All teachers preparing to graduate have worked hard to prove themselves, so why not get recruited? Fact is, while Pennsylvania treats their teachers well and retains most who are hired, the national trend is that more educators are needed around the country. Realizing that, districts know exactly what they’re looking for in a new hire. Why rummage through piles of resumes when they can use filters to find that teacher they need?

And that could be you.

Time to sign up, get seen and get hired for Pennsylvania teaching jobs.

School District of Philadelphia hires firm to run teacher prep program

School District of PhiladelphiaThis week, the School District of Philadelphia hired a company to run a teacher prep program over protests. The program is very well-intentioned – its goal is to get more teachers in the classroom, but Finders-Teachers is the easier way to find available and qualified teachers anxious to start their careers – now.

The School District of Philadelphia gave the $150,000 contract to Relay Graduate School of Education, and while they’re approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to certify new teachers through a “residency program,” why should Philadelphia school students – or fellow teachers – wait for the benefit of this program to kick in? Superintendent Hite and his staff can visit our site, enter the qualifications they need in a new teacher – and voila – a list of teachers ready to work appears!

School District of Philadelphia could save money with Finders-Teachers

Yes, the district has other criteria that guided their decision to utilize Relay, but all of those could likewise be achieved using Finders-Teachers. It’s free for districts plus, the ability to review a candidate’s profile and then interview that candidate online would give any administrator in the district all information – tangible or not – they need to make the right hiring choice.

Education is an industry that must be on the cutting edge of learning, resources – and yes – technology. That’s where Finders-Teachers can help. We recently visited Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ and registered 10% of their education graduates – and we’re not stopping there. With support from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, Cairn University in Langhorne, Arcadia University in Glenside, participation in the upcoming virtual teacher job expo at the University of Buffalo and our partnership with over 20 colleges and universities nationwide via the recruitment website Handshake, we’re getting the teachers on board. They’re qualified, certified and eager to start their careers.

So, when districts – like the School District of Philadelphia, this case – need teachers in place well-intentioned but time-consuming programs like Relay can be bypassed to find teachers. Whether that candidate is coming from across town or across the country, it’s easier than you might think to find the available and qualified teacher to fill the empty classroom.

Recent University Grads Utilizing Finders-Teachers

University GradsThis week Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale took the first step towards placing their education graduates in the classroom by utilizing Finders-Teachers! Nova Southeastern decided to upload Finders-Teachers to their online career resources page so teachers can create a profile, show off their achievements and get to work – fast.

Also this week, Finders-Teachers will be attending the Education Expo at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ to encourage their graduates to create profiles – for free – to get a head start on being placed in a classroom.

When districts – like many in Florida and communities throughout the Midwest – are still using billboards and newspaper ads to hire teachers, Finders-Teachers is bringing the technological edge to teacher hiring. Fact is, while these antiquated methods of hiring eventually bring teacher and classroom together, there is no guarantee it’s the right match. It usually just results in putting someone in the classroom until that person finds what they really want.

Short term solutions like this are just that – short. Eventually, the dreaded and time-consuming hiring cycle begins once more.

Well, what if teachers and districts can find what they wanted right away?

That’s what Finders-Teachers is intended to do. Teachers market themselves online and districts use a system of filters to find the teacher – or teachers – who meet their needs. It’s a fast, convenient and easy way to find a teacher with “staying power.”

Districts have enough worries without having to sort through hundreds of resumes with the hope of finding someone to fill an open position. Using filters to search out the most qualified teacher is common sense, and since most teachers usually teach in close proximity to their alma mater the biggest challenge is usually the easiest one to solve – in this case, finding them.

After all, it’s easier to pick an apple from the barrel than waiting for it to fall from the tree.

If you’d like Finders-Teachers to attend a career symposium for your education graduates, please let us know by emailing us at We can’t wait to help!

Take Advantage of The Florida Teacher Shortage

Florida teacher shortageAn article published in the Sun Sentinel in Florida last week focused on the Florida teacher shortage. The writer, Leslie Postal, starts the article by stating she saw a billboard near the University of Central Florida campus that read, “Become a Hero,” it reads. “Teachers Needed.”

And the numbers don’t lie – Palm Beach County needs to hire 1,500 teachers this year. They got 40. Escambia County in the panhandle needed 300 new teachers. They filled 50 openings. Orange County in central Florida has 10,000 new incoming students and needs to hire – at least – 80 new teachers this coming year alone. The Florida teacher shortage is serious!

Florida teacher shortage: These are facts, not projections.

Seminole County tried luring former teachers from their cozy retirements; the Osceola school district announced it will offer scholarships to education majors. Now, will these fill the teaching void? Perhaps, but to what end? Putting a warm body in the classroom?

It’s the same story in Marion, Alachua and Levy counties, too – all facing shortages.

How teachers look for employment, and just as importantly, how districts hire teachers should not stem from desperation, but rather, from selection.

That’s what Finders-Teachers has the ability to accomplish:

It may be that Florida has a teaching shortage, but other parts of the country do not. It makes no sense to wait on job fairs and to post billboards begging that someone – anyone – applies for the job. After all, do professional sports teams take the first athlete who comes along? Of course not, they do the research, assess their needs and then make a selection. The process should be no different when making a decision as consequential as hiring a teacher.

Given the dire need for teachers facing Florida school districts they cannot waste time with outdated and wasteful ways of hiring. Finders-Teachers was created to allow districts – and teachers – to make the right choice, right away. The Florida teacher shortage is serious but other parts of the country are booming. It’s time to log on, enter your criteria and get the right teacher for the right job.

Desperate times do not call for desperate measures – they call for Finders-Teachers.

Philadelphia’s Need for Qualified Teachers

philadelphia-teachersEducation is the biggest industry in Philadelphia and while we have a wealth of teaching hospitals and some of the best universities in the country, surprisingly Philadelphia faces a shortage of qualified teachers in its public schools. In fact, the situation became so dire that last March the district launched a campaign to hire 800 new teachers as soon as possible. This recent teacher shortage meant the district had to hire substitutes to cover classes, or in some cases, serve as long-term teachers; in point of fact, the need for qualified teachers was so severe, the city’s contractor for substitute teachers couldn’t provide the needed personnel. With 220 schools and over 134,000 students, there is a high demand for qualified teachers – especially those teachers certified (or dual certified) in special education.

Why is there a Shortage of Teachers in Philadelphia?

For almost a decade the number of people training as teachers has dropped from 719,000 in 2010 to 499,000 in 2014, and while at first blush that sounds discouraging it puts teachers in control. With increased demand for teachers in large cities like Philadelphia, teachers in search of employment now have the best chance to accept a job that’s not just the right position for them, but also for the district and its students.

What is more, everyone from the federal government to small private schools are offering teachers incentives to seriously consider planting roots at schools in urban districts. Mentoring programs, partial student loan forgiveness and even modest signing bonuses have been used to lure new teachers to the classroom – and this isn’t some fleeting idea, these are stable enticements to help fill teaching vacancies.

The City of Philadelphia has an immediate need for qualified, passionate teachers. Over the last few years Philadelphia has reversed a long and steady population drain, and with that upturn comes higher student enrollment. Helping to match qualified teachers with open positions is the only permanent and suitable fix for the city’s growing population.