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New Jersey Teaching Jobs

Teacher Job Fairs

Teacher Job Fairs

Believe it or not, teacher job fairs and the teacher hiring season is right around the corner. Beginning in March colleges and universities nationwide will host teacher job fairs for soon-to-be-teachers, and FT already has plans to be in attendance. By May we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher profiles, and in 3 minutes… Read more »

NJ teachers and districts sign up to use Finders Teachers

NJ Teachers

As another school year draws to a close, NJ teachers are evaluating their careers and NJ districts begin planning budgets for the upcoming year, it’s inevitable that some districts will look to hire, while others will be forced to reduce their teacher workforce. Born and bred in New Jersey, we’re especially attune to cutbacks effecting… Read more »

Congratulations to the Education Graduates of 2017

Starting this month, thousands of education graduates will cross a stage as they take one step closer to their professional careers. As opposed to a post about districts in need or the benefits our site offers to both teachers and districts, this week we’d like to congratulate the thousands of newly-minted educators who are preparing… Read more »

Bayonne Public Schools to lay off 300

This past week, Bayonne Public Schools announced they were laying off 300 district employees, 261 of whom were energetic and passionate teachers who happened to not have tenure. This was unbelievable and sad news. Any public entity will always have to watch their bottom line, but to do so at the expense of hundreds teachers… Read more »