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Create a Teacher Job Profile

Create a Teacher Job Profile

Just give us 3 minutes and you can create a teacher job profile. Brew Coffee, Listen to a Song, Create a Profile! National teacher job fairs begin in just a couple weeks and Finders Teachers will be at several to help you get hired, but first before you begin visiting schools at the fair –… Read more »

Teacher Job Fairs

Teacher Job Fairs

Believe it or not, teacher job fairs and the teacher hiring season is right around the corner. Beginning in March colleges and universities nationwide will host teacher job fairs for soon-to-be-teachers, and FT already has plans to be in attendance. By May we expect to have over 1,000 new teacher profiles, and in 3 minutes… Read more »

Finders Teachers The International Teacher Hiring Website

Finders Teachers recently went international with interest from Australia and Canada. So far, Finders Teachers has grown to include 362 teachers and 71 districts – all using our new way to hire a teacher. We’re active in 16 states, have contacted colleges and districts in Michigan and North Carolina to help with their shortages, and… Read more »

Chicago Area Schools Using Finders Teachers

Chicago area schools have recently started using Finders-Teachers. To date, FT has grown to include 15 states and boasts profiles for over 346 teachers and 61 schools or districts – that’s a teacher-to-school ratio of 6:1. That also means a much better chance of a teacher getting hired than blindly sending along a resume and… Read more »

New teachers enter the classroom thanks to Finders Teachers

New teachers are entering the classroom thanks to Finders Teachers. Already, schools across the country have begun yet another school year, and while districts wished many of their retirees farewell, they hired new teachers to replace them. Whether those hired came by traditional means, employment agencies or through Finders Teachers, we wish all new teachers… Read more »

Innovative Teaching Starts with Innovate Hiring Process

An innovative hiring process is key to innovative teaching. Education is an industry with many owners – students, parents, teachers, administrators – just to name a few. Everyone wants their school and students to perform well; to achieve; and to do this with minimal cost to the public – and we support these ideals. Each… Read more »

NJ teachers and districts sign up to use Finders Teachers

NJ Teachers

As another school year draws to a close, NJ teachers are evaluating their careers and NJ districts begin planning budgets for the upcoming year, it’s inevitable that some districts will look to hire, while others will be forced to reduce their teacher workforce. Born and bred in New Jersey, we’re especially attune to cutbacks effecting… Read more »

A New Way of Hiring Teachers Online

As current administrators retire, new way of hiring teachers arises. Last week we congratulated the graduates who are preparing to start their careers in the classroom. This week, we congratulate those educators who prepare to retire. Like any profession, there comes a time to step aside; to spend our remaining years at our leisure. To… Read more »