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Innovative Teaching Starts with Innovate Hiring Process

An innovative hiring process is key to innovative teaching. Education is an industry with many owners – students, parents, teachers, administrators – just to name a few. Everyone wants their school and students to perform well; to achieve; and to do this with minimal cost to the public – and we support these ideals. Each… Read more »

A New Way of Hiring Teachers Online

As current administrators retire, new way of hiring teachers arises. Last week we congratulated the graduates who are preparing to start their careers in the classroom. This week, we congratulate those educators who prepare to retire. Like any profession, there comes a time to step aside; to spend our remaining years at our leisure. To… Read more »

Bayonne Public Schools to lay off 300

This past week, Bayonne Public Schools announced they were laying off 300 district employees, 261 of whom were energetic and passionate teachers who happened to not have tenure. This was unbelievable and sad news. Any public entity will always have to watch their bottom line, but to do so at the expense of hundreds teachers… Read more »

Philadelphia School District Ordered to Hire More Teachers

Philadelphia City Controller to District: Hire More Teachers, or Risk Losing Funding In an article last week, Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz, sounded an alarm when he said that the city is in danger of losing federal funding for its public schools. Why? Not enough teachers. Mr. Butkovitz’s office randomly audited 23 public schools to ensure… Read more »

Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs

Interested in Pennsylvania Teaching Jobs? Next Monday we’ll be at Pennsylvania State University to offer their education grads the same opportunity we did a couple weeks ago when we visited Rowan University to meet their impending graduates and to help them create a free profile to start their careers. We had a great turnout, with… Read more »

Philadelphia’s Need for Qualified Teachers

Education is the biggest industry in Philadelphia and while we have a wealth of teaching hospitals and some of the best universities in the country, surprisingly Philadelphia faces a shortage of qualified teachers in its public schools. In fact, the situation became so dire that last March the district launched a campaign to hire 800… Read more »