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In about 10 minutes you can create a profile and advertise yourself online. So now, instead of searching for that elusive job, school districts can now find you. Feature the subjects you teach, write a personal bio and check back periodically to see how many school districts have come to find you. Want to start communicating? Sign up for our Premium Teacher Profile and take the first step towards your new job.


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Purchase our Premium Teacher Profile and get all the benefits of the E-Card, plus post your resume, list your certifications, specialties, extracurricular activities, awards – even post a mock lesson or vimeo. And, if after viewing your profile an administrator is interested in contacting you, he or she can give you a call or send an e-mail – instantly. You’ll never miss a chance to get hired.



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Finders-Teachers is more than just a resume posting center, it’s a way to showcase of your talents and accomplishments so that principals can now find you! After all, you’ve worked hard to become a great teacher. Now, it’s time to show it off.

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